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Tuesday, 13 November 2018 | 10.30 am

Hall 8b, Room 814A

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With its DeepQ technology, the HTC Group is breaking new ground in the development of VR solutions in the medical sector. VIVE is a virtual reality eyewear that is coupled with the world’s first VR training software, 3D Organon. A comprehensive database of anatomy and physiology is now available to teachers and physicians. With over 4,000 realistic human structures, organs and animations, DeepQ combines stereoscopic images that allow the user to capture bones, muscles, blood vessels, organs and other anatomical structures in three-dimensional space.

HTC DeepQ 3D Organon

Taiwan Main Orthopedics Co. Ltd. introduces its intelligent surgical glasses and virtual dissection table for teaching and planning surgical procedures. While the glasses allow surgeons to see partially into the patient’s body during a minimally invasive procedure and to visualize a 3D model of nerves and blood vessels, the Virtual Dissection Table depicts fully anatomical structures from head to toe.

Taiwan Main Orthopedics Co. Ltd.

The AmCad BioMed Corporation has made a name for itself in many areas. The latest product, AmCAD-UO, is a system that helps evaluate the risks of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Syndrome. After only ten minutes, the AmCAD-UO provides accurate results for efficiency and flexibility. The AmCad BioMed OSA Detector can be used on patients in the woken state. Patients can be diagnosed without having to stay in hospital overnight.

AmCad BioMed Corporation

NOVA Minimally Invasive System has the innovative value of technical, versatility and security. This system is suitable for percutaneous and mini-open approach, treated with spine deformity, injuries, degeneration. The minimally invasive screw is designed to provide the surgeon a large visualization when insert the rod. The pilot holes on the top of the blades can assist on screw alignment. Also, unlike other similar products with assembled full-blade minimally invasive screws, Nova minimally invasive screw is one-piece design with half-blade, not only to avoid the risk of infection caused by reusing, its small section design can also reduce the size of the wound.

BAUI Biotech Co., Ltd.

Rehabotics Medical Technology Corporation, a highly-specialized company in the field of robotics, will be represented at the Taiwan Excellence exhibition stand. Innovative solutions for stroke patients are the focus of this presentation. The newly developed Mirror Hand enables robot-assisted rehabilitation of the hands after a stroke. Weighing only 750 grams, it is by far one of the lightest robotic rehabilitation devices available for the hand.

Rehabotics Medical Technology Corporation

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